Friday, April 17, 2015

{ Meet "Gretta" }

If you've been following me via Instagram you would have noticed I posted a picture of a rusted old metallic blue bike a few days back! I knew when my husband brought this one home { He's obsessed with bikes } that I was calling her Gretta & giving her a much needed makeover! I thought she'd be perfect on our front porch with a little vintage/ retro look & that's what I did! 


 "Gretta" before she got some TLC & chalk paint! She was painted this gross metallic blue & the basket...well you can see it needed some love too! I decided to go with chalk paint because it's durable & the dark antique wax was perfect to keep that vintage appeal. I wasn't aiming for a bright & shiny new bike look ,but more of an old vintage bike that was "loved" haha!  The mint & cream looked so cute together & was simple & neutral enough to go on our front porch area!

The white retro like lanterns are from +Target  $10 each!

The basket is chrome with a cream spray paint over it!

I love the two tone white & mint seat! I also painted the petals & rubber handlebars & then distressed them with some dark wax!! 

Everything on this porch was free with the exception of the pillow inserts & the flowers! See what you can find & what people leave behind?! 

 I loved the way this cute free garbage treasure turned out! With a little love, chalk paint & staging she looks perfect out front on our little vintage/retro inspired porch area! This was so out of my comfort zone of neutrals & rustic decor, but thought what the heck for maybe our last summer in this cute home! 

Until next time :) !


{ No Sew Safety Pin Cushion Tutorial }

It's Friday & sunny , you know what that means..DIY galore!! I woke up this morning with a raspy scratchy throat ,but wanted to finish two projects I was working on. One of the projects was this easy NO SEW cushion/ pillow tutorial! If you're like me you can't sew to save you life & asking your dearest mother becomes annoying hahaha! So today I'm sharing this simple & thrifty idea of using SAFETY PINS! 

 1.} Few supplies you will need..Scissors, safety pins, & fabric!  Cut the fabric so you have overlapping material!

2.} Fold the sides over one another so the fabric is overlapped!

3.} Fold both end corners { Just like you would wrap a gift! }

4.} Pull the triangle corners from above & tuck { repeat on other end } !

5.} Hold the tucked end in place & safety pin it to the bottom part of the cloth!

6.} It's that simple & you're done! 

Finished product! 

Side Note: This DIY is only for cushions that will be used on one side! I liked this because some of our cushions outside are just for looks or never need to be turned etc..!

I used what fabric  I had left to cover the 1990's garbage picked cushions we had! I love this thick polka dot canvas fabric from +Hobby Lobby ! I got 2 yards for under $15!! I know most outdoor cushions range from $20-50 a piece so this was quite the bargain :) !

Have a fabulous weekend guys!


Monday, April 13, 2015

{ Garden Fresh Pineapple Salsa! }

Happy Monday folks! It's rainy & gloomy here in the north , but it's warm...I know we can't win haha! I planned on getting some DIY things done for our front porch outside, but with the rain that was a scratch!! I decided to make some of my signature pineapple salsa per my husbands request! It's the simplest salsa to make & the sweet & salty flavor is so refreshing with the paired fresh ingredients!



  • Blender
  • 8 Tomatoes { I use the vine type }
  • Pineapple { fresh or canned }
  • Onion { Any color } 
  • Spices
  • Tortilla Chips

Take the blender & add a tiny splash of cold water. Cut the 8 tomatoes { more or less } depending on the batch . I usually just cut the tomatoes in halves because they're pretty easy to blend! Next slice an onion & use about 1/4 or one thick round slice. Add the drained pineapple & then the spices! Blend until all the ingredients are crushed { I like my salsa thin } but blend until your desired preference! 
These are the spices used in the salsa { Pepper, Red Pepper, Garlic, Salt, Chives & Chili Powder }..HOLD ON, I forgot one & it's a pinch of sugar! See that's the secret ingredient haha ;) ! These are the measurements I used. You can tweak the measurements to your liking ..example adding more salt etc..

Note: Make sure the pineapple is thoroughly drained. I used what I had in my pantry today & it was canned pineapple , but either fresh or canned works great! 

I garnished with chives, onion bits & some pepper! 

Side Note: The salsa will come out being more of a pink color { fresh } & will accumulate a bit of liquid when it settles. Just stir the batch up & refrigerate for up to 4 days depending on preference & freshness!

I hope you've enjoyed my take on this this fresh salsa recipe! I'm sure that you & your guest will love the ease & fresh taste - I know my husband craves this stuff! 

Have a great rest of the week!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

{ DIY Indoor/ Outdoor Rustic Wood Coasters }

What a gorgeous day its been!! The weather was perfect for some much needed sunny patio DIY! A few days ago my dear husband came home with these cute little fresh wood slices..& well, you know I had to DIY them somehow! I decided to make cute little coasters with some simple chalk paint & a little monogram action! 

These are the easiest indoor/outdoor coasters!! Grab some wood slices { free } & dust them of any dirt etc..Use some stick on letters & place them wherever on the wood you want to monogram! I used a sponge brush & just 'feathered' the paint on. When you're painting make sure NOT to paint the wood perfect or drench the wood..remember they're suppose to be rustic so leaving some natural grain lines etc..are essential! After the chalk paint dries { 15 mins in the sun } then distress them with a Brillo pad or brush. Dust off any dirt & or paint again & finally use a clear cream wax to seal the coasters!

I love the color { It's a mix of two Americana Decor colors I customized }! The grain shines through perfectly!

These coasters are perfect for indoor or outdoor use & bonus they're durable for parties & bonfires etc..

I went with a simple M & P, but you could really do anything with these..& for close to nothing! 

I sure hope you all are enjoying this lovely northern weather today! I joked with my mom I think in the two hours I was working on these little buggers & photographing I got burnt already haha! Front & back patio decor & DIY is coming soon!!

{ Our 2015 Spring Home Tour }

Hey guys , I'm BACK!! I know its been a while since I posted anything { you can thank the weather }  for that one haha! Today I'm sharing some more spring touches I added around our little home! Sit back & enjoy some simple splashes of green & white cottage/farmhouse decor! 

I love this little green basket!! I picked it up in February from +TuesdayMorning  for $7 & just filled it with some cute hydrangeas!!

How cute are these little tea towels?? My gram hand embroidered them for me!! The wire basket was a garbage find { we have two } the other larger was one is on the counter!

I thought the thermometer was cute for spring & bonus it was only a buck!

I used this basket I picked up +Target  for $3 & filled it with some flowers , vintage glass bottles & a grain-sack!

I ordered this tablecloth & chair cushions  a few weeks ago from +H&M  & I'm obsessed!! They're so clean & crisp & I love the linen ruffle look for spring!! If you're looking for some cute home goods definitely check out H & M . The prices are great as well as the shipping

I have to mention this little Barley pot!! It's from Germany & was a garbage find...I know, who would throw this little treasure away?! I looked up the stamping & it's vintage & may be worth some $...

These little greenery pots we bought  at +IKEA USA for under $6 !! I ended up picking some tan & tin ones!!

I'm obsessed with this little painting I scored at +HomeGoods  for under $17!! I spotted it sitting alone & hoped they had other 'herb' ones, but nope this was the one & only so I snagged it up!!

The vintage Golden Wedding bottle matched so cute I couldn't help but set it out. My lovely husband came across this freebie on a job site!! 

If you've been following me via Instagram you would know my husband has been on a flower kick these last few weeks & he surprised me with these delicious perfumy scented Lilies!! I added the little check bow & some fresh candles & Dollar Tree silver saucer!!

Side Note: I need some cute flowers/ greenery for the vase..but for now the pussy-willows will do!!

Simple green touches throughout! 

I found  this gold & white flower vase from +T.J.Maxx  on clearance for $6 & filled it with some faux lavender sprigs!

Again, all the goods on the mantel are vintage, garbage or DIY's!

 I shared these green drawers with glass knobs on Instagram! My hubby brought these home for me & I loveeee them! They smelled of vintage wood & gasoline so I used a vanilla/lime mix to remove the smell & they're perfect & were free!! The books are vintage thrift finds & the glasses we found while snorkeling in Torch Lake on vacation last summer!

I hope you all enjoyed our 2015 Spring Home Tour! Be sure to stick around for our front spring porch reveal { I have a cute surprise } & our back patio decor selection!! 

Have a great weekend guys!!


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