The Quaint Sanctuary

The Quaint Sanctuary

Friday, October 2, 2015

{ DIY No-Sew Burlap Curtain }

I'm backkkk with one last post before the weekend! I thought I'd share a super simple DIY for any kitchen or room needing a little farmhouse style this season! We've been in our 2nd home over 3 years now & this is the first time changing out this kitchen curtain!!! I know that sounds crazy considering I'm a blogger  & always switching things out..This was just one of those areas that got looked over. I never disliked the black curtain my mom custom sewed when we moved in, but I needed a change. On to the second issue..I can't sew, AT ALL & yes, I have tried haha{ big THANKS to my high school friends for getting me through that class LOL}! I was photographing another project & got this notion in my head I wanted to change the current curtain..but with what?!..I had some leftover burlap in the garage & knew I had enough to make a cute little something!

How I Did It .. 

I took a 4ft piece give or take & folded it horizontally or hamburger style haha! I then folded the top open piece over about 1.5 inches . I made sure to line everything up & then I took mini safety-pins & pinned the whole top across with about 10 pins. You can't see the pins because they're tiny & after I did this I just flipped the curtain around. I then took the tension rod { or whatever rod you're using } & slipped it through the top pinned down folded over piece! 

Things You'll Need...

. Burlap
. Safety pins

See easy peasy!

I love the breeze we get through this house. I had the window open & decided to get an "action shot" haha! P.S. I'm so sorry these pictures aren't the best..Our kitchen is either really LIGHT or really DARK, but you get the idea! I just love how the burlap brightens & warms our little suburban farmhouse/cottage up for the season & bonus it was superrrr simple/affordable!  

I like to keep the kitchen area simple with just minimal accessories. The chalkboard is from Target & the Harvest Blessings & big galvanized bucket are both  from +HomeGoods ! The stool is a family treasure { my papa made it } & I spruced it up --> DIY Farmhouse Stool

Well guys it's the weekend & I'm out of the office until Monday haha jk, but seriously go enjoy this beautiful Octoberness{ new word alert hehe}  wherever you are! You can find us junkin & jeeping aimlessly while being are dorky selves this weekend ha! Real quick I wanted to say THANK YOU to all my new readers too, I seriously love you guys & hope my little practical blog is not only informative, but FUN!!


Thursday, October 1, 2015

{ Kitchen Corner Cabinet ..}

Happy Friday!!! Big woo hoo for the weekend, right?! It's supposed to be perfect 60 & sunny Saturday & we're hoping to get a few things done { more on that later } ! One thing that I'm really excited for is we finally are visiting the Cider mill!! I can't believe it's October 2nd & we haven't visited one..not like us crazy fall lovin' people haha!Speaking of fall, the other day while I was decorating & switching stuff out it occurred to me that I never blogged my very first vintage furniture piece I DIY'd!! It was back in 2008 when we still lived in our quaint 1 bedroom top floor condo{ that I loved!} !!! My husband actually found the piece while working & he paid a co-worker to help him bring it upstairs!! He knew I had been wanting one of these corner cabinets, but this one was better then any of the store or catalog ones I spotted before! This was before blogging or decorating, so I didn't know about antiques or vintage goods like now..This was originally a dark wood with a tint of hickory color & I painted it!! I still love that it's white, but I'm thinking I might be doing some changes.  I thought I better show you guys now before she changes haah! This corner cabinet is from the 1950's & it's seriously one of my, if not favorite piece!!! 

"She's" painted a pure white with ..wait for ittttt, regular non-chalk paint hahaha! I know, nuts right?! I wish I knew about the chalk paint products back when...Hint hint!!!

Obviously in these pictures  she's decorated for fall, but it's honestly a great piece for any occasion! I keep extra seasonal dishes in the bottom & up top for display !  I love decorating with it!!

I never remember collecting pitchers etc..but  somehow I have acquired quite a few..!

This piece fit like a glove in our dining area! I'm not going to lie, I'd be pretty upset if she didn't have a spot .. P.S. My new favorite random mix..fresh baby's breath & white pumpkins!!!!

I hope you guys get some inspiration from this little throwback piece & some simple decorating ideas too!  I can't believe it's already OCTOBER..just blows my mind! I hope you all are doing fun  things this weekend..Take it all in & enjoy!!!!!

Happy weekend! 


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

{ Festive Fall Front Entryway '15 }

Heyyyy guys!! I hope you all are having a lovely & quaint Wednesday afternoon!!!  When I posted our 2015 Fall Home Tour a few weeks ago, I totally forgot to post our entryway or even think about it. Today I'm back with a simple, thrifty & practical fall front entry! For some reason I got the spark to decorate at 1am last night & well this is what I came up with..It's mostly  all thrifty or free finds per usual & it's not neutral..shocker, right?! I think I got inspired last night to decorate because the late night breeze blowing through our little suburban cottage was just glorious ha! I mentioned via Instagram earlier that rustling leaves among many other things are my favorite about fall & I truly mean it!!!! I mean hearing the leaves blow around, the winding whipping about, fresh air & knowing the holiday season is around the corner..Yes, please hehe!! Grab a cup of hot soup & join me on this mini tour :) !

- Fall is a Blessing - #truth right?

So I'm going to clue you all in on a little secret..You see that orange packet in the third compartment behind the "P"?! Well, that's a drawer freshener!!! I use them all over the house after a good deep cleaning. They add so much fragrance & last pretty long. This one is pumpkin scented & I picked up a 6 pack for $4 at Michaels!! 

The branches/ blooms are from +Michaels Stores  ! I don't know why but these particular ones stuck out to me..I think they're marigold blooms { Don't hold me to that ha }! I picked up some orangey rust & cream ones! 

The pumpkin was a gift from my dear gram from a local shop in town & the mason jar , mini shovel & flower holder were all free finds!!

I mean what's fall without some Baileys in your hot cocoa?!  & P.S. That's my lovely hubby's new scarf & it's soooo soft & thick!! I'm stealing it hahaha! 

I hope you guys liked this entryway! It's simple, yet still  has some of my style of vintage/rustic/cottage/farmhouse charm { whoa that's a mix}  & fun I'd say! Do you decorate your entryway?


Friday, September 25, 2015

{ DIY Bathroom Storage }

Welcome weekend & Happy 6th Year Anniversary to us!! It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend..not only is it our anniversary , but my dad's birthday & we share an anniversary with my late papa. I thought before the weekend festivities begin that I would share a quick & simple little DIY that literally is sooo simple I debated even sharing, but it was way to cute, so here I am!! I've mentioned this a million times before, but my bathroom { we have our own bathrooms } is super small, so every bit of storage is needed! I have plenty of baskets etc.. in the bathroom, but I was sick of always digging for stuff, so I went down to my decor room & decided to DIY a little something for less hassle!! 

If you all remember back in the spring I bought these hanging lace planters from +IKEA USA  & hung them next to the fireplace here--> Spring Planters..Well, obviously since then I've taken them down for fall & the upcoming holidays so they were just siting there .. Why not use them for storage?! They already have little round holes in the back , well actually three around the pots to hang them from a ceiling etc.. I never used the metal chain they came with for that purpose. 

 These planters were super affordable 2 for under $18 !! I just threaded some black & cream polka-dotted burlap ribbon through the back hole & tied them to the towel bar! I also used 1  medium sized furniture grip on each  so they won't hit the wall & leave marks , and they won't make noise when used..

I use them for literally EVERYTHING! For the sake of this post I cleaned them out..I keep everything from lotion to scissors in them & they're pretty tipping believe me!! 

Side Note: Make sure you hang them & tie them as tight as possible, this will ensure they hang down less etc..:)

I hope this helps all of you with that case of the small bathrooms heheh.This could even be used when you're sharing a bathroom & need to have split storage etc..simple, cheap & practical!! Have a lovely, happy & healthy weekend guys!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

{ Adding Farmhouse Charm for Fall }

Heyyyy all!! I hope you're enjoying the first day of fall!! I mean who doesn't love this season { other then the pesky bees & allergies } !! It's still been a bit warm here in the north, but it's cooling down & I'm pretty excited for this weekend, it's our 6 year wedding anniversary!!! A long drive in the country with the wind blowing, country up, camera on & a little something I'll be blogging soon ..would be just fine with me :)!!! I know one thing I want some good ole cider mill cinnamon donuts & some cold fresh cider..hmm maybe a picnic? Whoa, I'm getting ahead of myself, but today I'm sharing some useful tips & tricks when it comes to decorating for fall, farmhouse style!!! I know department stores like Target are screaming & bursting  with farmhouse decor & new lines for fall, but lets be honest it's expensive!!!
Today I'm sharing how to add  some fall farmhouse charm with these simple goods..

- WOOD - 

Wood is one of those elements that you definitely need when you are decorating for fall & especially when trying to achieve the cozy farmhouse look!! It's one of those things that you can find just about anywhere & you can distress & make look worn by simply distressing with some $5 sandpaper etc..  I love using crates as well & many businesses throw them away..These crates were thrifty finds & that rustic piece of wood was a garbage find.


I love vintage glass & this is thanks to my hubby & grams!! I can remember picking vintage washed up glass on the beach as a kid & loved it!! My husband is also a lover of vintage glass bottles of any sort. They're great to use for decorating to give that farmhouse/vintage general store look!! They have that plain, yet old vintage look & can staggered, used as vases or just on display!! 

Side Note: These vintage bottles were free finds & the spice rack was also a garbage find. The maple moose bottle isn't vintage { it's from +HomeGoods  } but it's so cute!!


I love using metals for that rustic farmhouse charm!! It's simple, durable & makes a bold statement!! You can use old buckets, watering cans, signs etc.. I love these metal pumpkins..they're so simple , yet they make a statement!! If you notice I've have most of the  things listed in this post  all in this picture..wood, glass/crocks,metal & greenery!! Incorporate some of those goods in your home & you'll have a cozy  fall farmhouse!



So some of the other things I like to incorporate into a rustic, vintage, cottagey- farmhouse home are greenery of any sorts!! I prefer simple little plants or hydrangeas because they're warm & make a bold impact & hydrangeas can be dried & used over & over!! Candles are another thing I like to use. They make any space feel warm, cozy & delicious instantly!! I like ones that are more neutral in style, but are warmer scents.  Chalkboards are the last thing I like to use. They're easy to make for under $15 & they can double as signs, decor & they last forever!!

This chalkboard was $3 from Target.

This chalkboard was a DIY...See what this is made out of.. --> Chalkboard DIY

I love using tans & plaids for fall also. The dried grass in the crock is from our flower garden & the rustic farmhouse coasters were a DIY here --> DIY Wood Coasters

I hope this helps some of you wanting that cozy fall farmhouse home!! Use these simple items & you're on your way! Happy fall decorating guys!


Thursday, September 17, 2015

{ Our 2015 Fall Home Tour }

I can't believe this week is already almost over!! Seriously blogging four days a week rather then 2/3 is crazy, but also so fun!! I've had a blast sharing our fall home decor in this little Fall Home Series of mine this week! I hope you all are having a splendid time decorating your sanctuary for the best time of the year { other then Christmas of course ;) }!! I'm not going to lie fall is going by so fast, but it's still warm here. We're planning on going to the cider mill this weekend & spending some cozy fall time together , oh && guess what? We're looking at 3 farmhouses with our real estate team!!! I'm so excited, but nervous to get this process going again..3rd time home buyers over here...& it's still a pain haha..there goes another clump of hair! Enough  with that, today I'm sharing the FULL Fall Home Tour  with you all!! I'm piecing together each space I blogged for fall 2015!! Sit back with some cold cider & a warm cinnamon donut or 2, & hopefully gather some inspiration & ideas!


Living Room Mantel

I wanted to go with more of a rustic & earthy mantel this year! I was loving the different metals & decided to incorporate them in this little piece. Full Post Here -->  Fall Mantel 2015
 Front Porch

I must say this is my favorite fall front porch I've decorated! I loved last year's, but something so warm & cozy about this one has me so ready to enjoy the fall weather. I went with a fall harvest inspired theme this year..Come check out the Full Post Here --->  Fall Porch 2015


Kitchen & Dining Room

I made the " Cider & Donuts " sign on a whim & well the vintage mill idea for the kitchen kinda took off!! This fall kitchen isn't complete, because you all know I love changing stuff another tablescape will be blogged! For now check out the Full Post Here--->  Fall Kitchen & Dining Room 2015

I really hope you guys have a wonderful fall weekend! I swear the memories made in the fall are some of the best ones! Ill be back with some changes soon & pry more fall decor..:) 

Happy weekend lovely readers! 


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