Thursday, August 28, 2014

{ Fall is creeping our way ..:) }

I stepped outside our front door today with the cool breeze blowing & the smell of leaves & wood burning, yup Fall is on its way!! As soon as I smell Fall aromas & catch that cool breeze, you know that breeze where it's cooler outside then in?..Ya, that breeze! I know then it's time for Fall to roll around { Yay } !! I couldn't resist the beautiful flowers & bushes turning colors outside our front door ,so I cut a few stems  off & used them in our kitchen. They were so vibrant ,I  obviously couldn't  stop snapping pics !!! 

I risked my life today trying to cut some branches off - bumblebee galore! Although, I love bumblebees ,& they're  said not to sting,I was still weary ..

We all know I love my wispy grass, & I adore when it changes to brown 'wheat' like strands!! 

Prettiest little homemade bouquet ! 

Happy early weekend everyone, and be sure to enjoy the last bit of summer !!!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

{ Our Living Room Chandelier Revamp }

Rainy night in.. means blogging! Tonight I'm sharing a hand-me-down chandelier that was an awful 1980's brass finish. I gave this diamond in the rough some much needed TLC & 'she' turned out great! I decided I would put her in the living room to add to the cottage/cozy feel I have going on! I'm still on the fence about keeping it all cream or dying the shades a brown/ tan color. I would love to hear your input or opinions :) ! Enjoy & stay tuned for { possibly } another post about the new shade colors !!

Stripped the shades off & gave it a light 'dusting' before spraying! 
Note: I find it easier to spray chandeliers while hanging,much easier to catch every angle! 

First coat of spray paint..

If you've been following me, you know this is my go to color - {satin cream} & always Rust-Oleum :)


The hanging beauty after some quick TLC! Like I said above, I'm still debating on coloring the shades a tan or brown...hmm
Side Note: This chandelier isn't hard wired. It's only for looks- for now..;) 


Saturday, August 23, 2014

{ DIY Chalkboard Painted Fireplace Detail }

Happy weekend to all! I've been contemplating this little DIY { Which was partly my husbands idea } for sometime now..painting a detail on our fireplace with chalkboard paint! I figured I would go for it today ,& I'm glad I did! I didn't have anything to loose, after all I did get the fireplace as a hand-me-down & already knocked doors off,spray-painted ,etc.. I had some leftover chalkboard paint laying around & used what I had. The paint was a bit 'tacky' & I should have added some water to thin it,but didn't & in some spots the chalkboard got raised..but who can tell ;) !!

{ Before }

^Can be found at any major home improvement retailer & adheres to most surfaces!  

After the second coat.. 

{ After

Pretty happy with how it turned out!!

I can't wait to use this little chalkboard area for the Fall mantel & Christmas...I better stock up on the chalk ha :)! 
Hope you enjoyed this little Saturday DIY, as always thanks for stopping in .


Friday, August 22, 2014

{ Breakfast for Dinner with delicious Cinnamon,Vanilla, & Chocolate chip Pancakes}

Sharing this delicious & simple dinner for breakfast recipe! It's one of our favorites in our house ,& I think you'll love it too! Who doesn't like breakfast for dinner?! :).

Some summer  table flowers, fresh from our neighbors tree outside our kitchen window !

  • 1 Packet of pancake mix of your choice
  • Mix the ingredients the pack calls for
  • Add 3 tablespoons of vanilla extract
  • Add 2 tablespoons of cinnamon
  • Chocolate chips {sweet} any amount to liking
  • Pinch of sugar{ Optional }
  • Mix again & continue to cook!
  • Add a slice of Canadian bacon or ham for a side { I used Apple-wood Canadian bacon}
  •  Add some butter pats or powdered sugar for garnish !


Note: I used one pack of pancake mix & added some flour along the way and adjusted the ingredients! Have fun with it, you can't go wrong! 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

{ Shopping your own home for decorative accessories }

 I do this all the time -shop my own home for new accessories. I find myself doing this once or twice a week! I'm constantly moving goods & accessories from one location to another. Why go out & buy something new if an old item looks great in a new space :)!! Prime example of this was yesterdays post about the new { thrift} front door storage shelf. I removed the two black mirrors that were once hung at the front door & now I've re-hung them in the kitchen !! I disliked them at the front ,but like them at the back..weird?Nope just a blogger at work!


Thought I would show another way of using pieces in different ways throughout your home. If you remember I usually always have a seasonal/holiday chalkboard print on the fireplace with a little vignette of some sort. I ended up switching out the art on the fireplace & putting this cute little chalk print over here.What works in one space,might not work in another.
Shop your own home & rearrange items for a fresh new look  !


Monday, August 18, 2014

{ Layering window treatments with bamboo shades }

 I've liked this look since I pinned it a few years back, but thought it was kind of overkill with the layered window treatments if I already had curtains...think again!! My husband is constantly peeping out of our larger bedroom window & the curtains  are constantly uneven & 'jacked up". This is a pet peeve of mine so I decided it was time to invest in some new window treatments . We decided to go with a bamboo shade for both the living room & our master bedroom. The shades were needed in the living room as well due to the fact that the curtains always got stuck against the our leather sectional. I also simply just liked the look of the shades in the middle & the double layered end curtains on each side. The shades are easy to pull up & down & bring in so much light, texture & cottage like warmth to the space.

I like how the espresso bamboo coloring  picks up off the espresso hardwood color. Gives it a nice warm feeling!

That wreath will be getting a fresh DIY soon..;)

Nice & bright ,either pulled halfway or completely up!

***Here is a quick 'Tip/Trick'..you don't need to buy a full window panel of shades, just hang them in the middle & curtains on the ends for the effect.
These bamboo shades ran $40 a piece & were purchased at Home Depot !

Enjoy ,& remember decorating isn't what you buy from a store always . It's what you like, make, &  how you style / arrange the pieces to your liking .


{ DIY Trash to Treasure- front door storage bin}

Just thought I would share this little DIY key holder & shelf I chalk painted & dyed. My husband found this cute shelf in the garbage one night in our neighborhood . It seemed to be a child's shelf with little pastel cloth storage bins. I forgot all about this garbage find until a few days ago. It popped into my head since we've gotten our new rescue puppy { Stewart} & had no place to hang both our dogs leashes at our front door. This shelf came to mind ,so I had my lovely husband dig it out of the rafters for me. I ended up chalk painting it with Annie Sloan in Old Ochre. I dyed the baskets black & they actually turned out 4 different shades that are in our living room curtains-how cool right?! I didn't plan this ,but they matched perfect & cost close to nothing. 

First coat before the wax.

I used an old cooking pot to soak the cloth bins in. I set the pot in the laundry tub for easy & mess free coloring.

See how each bin took to a different neutral shade?! The bins were green,orange,yellow, &purple  pastel/neon.

If you know me I'll be changing this up by tomorrow most likely ...haha

Super cute & neutral with lots of storage for near free...score! 
Hope you enjoyed with quick post about our trash to treasures. 
Enjoy your week ! :)
Side Note:  I think this will be a cute front door piece to stage for the holidays..I can't wait  ;)


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

{ Our cute little red barn/shed makeover }

Seems like it's been forever since I painted this cute little rustic shed ,or as I like to call it the little red barn. This barn was deemed to be scrapped & my husband loaded, yes loaded the whole thing into one of his work trailers. When he came home with it I thought oh, boy what in the world is this rusted piece of junk?! The shed/barn looked like The Grinch Stole Christmases sleigh hanging off the back of the trailer . It was funny ,but also kind of scary!! I got right to work on it after we picked some paint & trim colors out. It kind of grew on me & added to our storage behind our garage. I also thought it would be cute for the holidays ;)!

Basic tools you'll need..
Side Note: The paint color is Behr Exterior paint in Candy Apple Red! The trim is white & we used exterior kilz!

This little shed ate the paint literally..2 gallons later!

The final coat drying... I wasn't thrilled with the end color at first. The next day the color had been hit by the sunlight & actually the pinky/red color subsided into a 'true barn red' !!
The pots were originally in front of our house & decided to move them back here. The galvanized tin,John Deere sign, and wreath are all thrift or garbage finds. The rustic flowers in the tin are from Dollar Tree.

I hope you enjoyed this little makeover, & remember anything can be cute with a little TLC & a vision! 


Monday, August 11, 2014

{ My 1 Year Blog Anniversary & Personal Reflection }

Yes, my 1 year mark will be arriving in a few days! I can't believe it's been a year since I started my blog! This year has been CRAZY to say the least! I always knew I had a passion for writing & decorating, but veered off into a totally different direction  after high school! I ended up getting a Criminal Justice degree & Paralegal. I'm still semi interested in these two studies, but I don't have a PASSION per-say for them! Blogging to me is more than taking pictures & posting a paragraph about the photo. Blogging is networking, styles, trends, diy, home, recipes, family & more! I started off with just a title & backdrop with a crappy edited picture, or shall I say lack of editing & a quick paragraph. In a years’ time I've taught myself about links,widgets,gadgets,promos,publishing,networking,editing,layouts & more! I never excelled at graphic design or computer classes in my required college courses...& now in an ironic twist this is my career! It's quite funny how life & things come together, change, or workout. I really found my style when I started blogging, along with really understanding the different styles & blog branding styles! I've kept track from when I first started my blog to now & the transformation is crazy {At least for me}! As you all may know I do operate this blog entirely by myself & self-teach myself almost nightly something new! From signing with an advertising company to linking a Pinterest widget, it's a constant learning experience. The outreach from some the more established bloggers has been nice! It's always nice to know some of the pro bloggers like Adventures in Decorating, 11Magnolia Lane & Liz Marie have either left a comment, wrote back, or followed me via social media. Refreshing to know the pros are still so humble & willing to help newer bloggers like myself- unlike some of the others. I've researched, listened, & taken the advice of  others & what they've had to say is so far on point. Once that year mark rolls around new opportunities start happening!!  I can't wait to see where this next year takes me! Thanks for all the encouragement, it truly helps my passion & drives me to keep this Blog launched & running!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

{ Simple & Scrumptious Beef Stew Recipe }

Long time no talk or should I say blogging!! It's been chaotic around our house with one of our fur babies being sick & our adoption of a 12 weeks old rescue puppy!! I'd say this post about  some delicious & comforting beef stew was just what we needed after a long week! The recipe is super easy to follow/make & Oh,sooo yummy! 

Crock-Pot Beef Stew Recipe

*1 packet of beef stew seasoning
*1 packet of pot roast seasoning
*Half stick of butter or less
*1 can of beef broth
*1 package beef  squares
*2-3 fresh carrots
* 1 bag fresh frozen peas
*half onion
*half bag small potatoes
*salt/pepper to taste
*pinch of garlic


Combine the ingredients on high. Pour the liquid ingredients over the veggies along with the seasoning packets! Stir together completely & add the butter squares like above! Serve with warm buttered bread slices & a glass of cold milk! How's that for comfort food?



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