Monday, October 20, 2014

{ Living Room Chandelier Update }

Hey guys!! I mentioned a few post back that I wasn't sure if I was going to add some color to the chandelier I made over a  few months back...well I did! I ended up chalk painting them a dark brown creme wax /paint color by Americana Decor & Old Ochre! I wanted to give them some color since the off white { French Silk } wasn't really doing anything for the piece! I decided to paint every other one dark & light, just because I felt that all dark lampshades may be to heavy on the room! I like how the chalk-paint took to the shades as well! It kind of gave the shades a  aged/textured look! I knew if I didn't like them It wouldn't be a big loss as Hobby Lobby sells small lampshades for around $4 a piece, so If the chalk-paint was a no go it was an easy fix! Right now, they're okay..I may paint them all dark brown or just buy some new ones for Christmas who knows!  I was amazed at how many people said they have used chalk-paint on some sort of fabric..always good to know!

Side Note : These pictures were taken at two different times of the day! 
 First coat drying..
More on that updated french country / romantic cottage inspired gallery wall in the back soon..;)

I'd love to hear what you think about the painted shades, new colors or purchasing new ones?! 


{ DIY rustic 'Be Thankful' sign! }

Happy gloomy/rainy Monday..I guess ! I decided since it wasn't so nice out today & it was just me & the pups I would make a cute DIY rustic 'Be Thankful' sign.  My lovely husband  brought home an over the counter wood rack, but unfortunately it didn't fit { bummer } so I decided to knock the little legs off & use the nice piece of wood!   

I penciled the draft of what I wanted first!

I used a black permanent paint pen { Michaels} for the lettering & outlining! I wanted the lettering to be dark & smudge proof while I was working & also after I distressed it to still look old ,but readable !  After I finished with the black I used some markers to add a hint of vintage orange & green to the pumpkins! I then distressed the entire sign to eliminate the 'fresh' paint pen look!

I put a thin layer of dark wax & used some white paint to brush on the top lip of the wood for aging appeal !

 - Be Thankful -
I love the way it turned out! I'm no artist by any means, actually I can't hardly draw at all!! It's not perfect or new looking ,& that's the simple  rustic charm !! I guess I'll be decorating a bit for Thanksgiving..which I hardly ever do { Nov 1st Christmas goes up } in our  house! I hope you all enjoyed this & continue to be thankful ! 


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

{ My Recipe Card Ideas }

Creamy &  Comforting  Almond Cake

Betty Crocker Cake Mix { Extra Moist}
Mix Ingredients in Bowl
Add 3-4 tbsp of Almond Extract to dry ingredients
Add 2 tbsp Vanilla Extract to dry ingredients
 Pour into two round baking pans
Bake 350 until slighting under cooked
( Other Ingredients)
2 containers Vanilla Frosting ( Whipped or your Choice}
1 can Almond Pastry filling

{Step 1}
*Stack first layer of Cake. Spread the Almond Pastry filling on first ,using the whole can.

{Step 2}

Attach second layer of cake. Then begin to frost top layer.

 *Make sure the Cake is completely cool, if it's not the cake will slide & the frosting will slide off the cake! Also don't worry about any 'cracks' you'll be frosting over them ,just make sure the pieces are intact .

{Step 3}

Add Almond pieces & garnish!
Side Note: I paired  a small slice with some 1/2 the fat Vanilla Churned Ice Cream per my hubbies request. Balances the richness & was quite refreshing!

Indoor BBQ!

{Fresh Green Beans}
Large pan with a lid for Fresh Green Beans
Spices- Onion Flakes,Salt, Pepper, Red Pepper & Garlic Powder
Half a stick of butter for a Large bag of Greens
Use a dash of Olive Oil
 **Wash Green Beans in luke warm water & strain. Add to warm pan with melted Butter & Olive Oil. Make sure the beans have enough room to evenly spread out! After they become warm & coated in the Butter & Olive Oil, add spices. I use about a Tbsp of each ingredient except Salt & Red Pepper, in which I use a few pinches. You can adjust to your taste!! Cook on Low-Medium with lid on ,or until beans become soft,but not mushy.
Note: I also used 4 small red peppers for color mixed in with the Green Beans.
{Yellow Skin Mashed Potatoes}
1 Bag Small Golden Potatoes { Found  where the fresh spices & salads are}
Boil on Medium-High for 20 minutes
Drain & Leave Skin intact !
Add Half of Cup Chicken Stock
4-6 Tbsp Butter
Salt { 4 dashes}
Splash of Milk
Mash & keep Warm!
{Honey BBQ Chicken}
3 Boneless Breast
Cut into Squares or Strips or leave full
Add to a warm pan
Add Half Cup Honey 
1 Cup of BBQ Sauce of choice
Add Salt & good amount of Pepper
Pinch of Garlic{ or any other spice}
Mix together in pan, or you could do this in a separate mixing bowl
Cook in pan on Medium -High until Chicken is coated & Sauce is thick
Note: I used Open Pit Sauce !

Note: I added a big ole fresh pitcher of Kool-Aid not only for the ambiance & fun ,but who doesn't like some cold Kool-Aid with some BBQ { He-He} !

Fresh Veggie Pizza

1 Puff Pastry
1 Bundle of fresh Asparagus
1 large Tomato
Olive Oil
Spray Nonstick Butter
Salt & Pepper/Italian spices
1 large bag Mozzarella Cheese

Get a large cookie or pizza sheet & stretch puff pastry out { Spray sheet with non-stick butter first}.  Wash Tomato & Asparagus - cut to fit half & half on sheet.  After the puff pastry is stretched on baking sheet add half asparagus to one side & tomato slices to the other. Drizzle both sides with olive oil enough to give some color. Take Salt/Pepper { I used onion flakes & garlic flakes too} & sprinkle over both sides generously. After you do that add the mozzarella cheese. Bake on 375 for 10-15 minutes. Pair with a glass of wine & there you have it a simple & semi healthy homemade dinner .

{Before Cheese}

Note: I used Skim Low Fat Cheese & I baked mine a bit longer { Husbands likes his  well done}.

Stuffed Mozzarella Peppers

1 Bag small assorted Peppers
1 can Spray Butter
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil
1  12Pack Skim String Cheese
Wash the peppers in a large bowl under warm water. Spread the peppers out over a large area. Use a knife to slit the peppers { not all the way} ,and open up the pepper half way. After you have done this with the whole bag,using spray butter spray peppers heavily{ & pan} & squirt with olive oil. Let them sit for about 10 minutes. While they are sitting and soaking in the olive oil & spray butter open the string cheese & align in a roll & cut in three pieces. Take the little pieces of string cheese & stuff in the peppers. After you have done this -spray peppers again & olive oil if you think they need more. Then right before you're done sprinkle heavily with salt & pepper or to your taste. Place in oven at 350 for 10-15 minutes or until the peppers are soft & cheese is still formed, but melted down soft. Let the peppers sit for few a minutes & enjoy these sweet & healthy little buggers.

 Cinnabon Casserole Dish

3-4 cans of Cinnabon Rolls. {Original}
2 cups Heavy Cream
1cup Maple Syrup
1 small package chopped Pecans
1 small package Almonds
1 tsp Sugar
2Tblsp Cinnamon or more
4 Eggs 
4 tbsp Almond Extract
3 tsp Vanilla Extract
Pop open cans of cinnabons. Spray pan with butter{ or melt 3 tbsp}. Pull apart and place in glass 13 inch baking pan. Combine all liquid ingredients ,except maple syrup & icing from cinnabon roll packages. After you pour liquid mix all over buns, sprinkle nuts over. Place in oven for 15-20 minutes on 325-350. Take out & garnish with frosting & maple syrup. Pour yourself a glass of cold milk & ENJOY!

Holiday OR Monthly Cleanse

Pitcher {1 Liter}
2 - 3 Tbsp of Cinnamon
2-3 Fresh warm Lemons
2-3 Cap fulls of Apple Cider Vinegar
4-5 Tbsp of Honey
Fill rest of Pitcher with cold water to store
Serve Warm or Hot.
Side Note: Cinnamon is a natural blood  thinner. In large doses it can be harmful to the liver.I made a big pitcher & just keep it in the fridge. I usually drink the mix twice a day for about a week once a month. Do Not heat pitcher. Use a separate cup. Enjoy!!

Homemade {French Onion}

5 Large white onions diced.
2 Tbsp Salt
2 Tbsp Pepper
3 Bay Leafs
1 pinch Parsley
1 pinch Garlic Powder
1 pinch Basil
3 tbsp White dry Wine.
4 cups water.
1 bag seasoned croutons
2 Tbsp Butter
Top with a fresh Mozzarella or Provolone.
{ adjust salt & pepper to taste}
Start with the cups of water..add salt & other spices , then combine onions & butter & let simmer for 3 hrs or until onions are soft. Add croutons after scooping broth & onions in kettle dishes, garnish with cheese  & bake for 15 mins with lid on. 

Homemade{ Semi} Puff Pastry Artichoke/Spinach Pizza

1 can Puff Pastry or Pizza Dough.
2 cans soaked Artichokes Hearts
1 small can Spinach of choice, I used fresh.
Two bags Mozzarella Cheese.
Spread the dough on a baking sheet greased with a spray butter. Spray dough with a spray butter & add ingredients. Layer with cheese & bake @ 350 until desired crunchiness.I added some garlic & onion powder as well.

{Homemade Fall Spice Parfait
6 Layers}
1 Pie Crust crumbled up -1st layer.
2 cans Vanilla Pudding-2snd layer
1 can Pumpkin- 3rd layer
Second can Vanilla Pudding- 4th Layer
1 box Spice Cake cooked round- 5th layer
Cool Whip-6th layer
The only thing that is cooked in this parfait is the spice cake. You can really add just about any fall spice ingredients & layer them. I also topped mine with cinnamon.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

{ Rustic Corner Cabinet Makeover }

It's almost Friday so that means sharing a piece of furniture that got added to our house with a makeover!  A few months back we found a nice wood corner cabinet that was perfect for our basement dining area. It was much more petite then our white corner cabinet in the upstairs dining  , & with the lower ceiling it would work perfect for the basement! The wood on the cabinet was in pretty decent condition,but the shelves & back panel need some TLC !! I decided to go with some chalk paint in Old Ochre & some Americana Decor dark antique wax! I wanted something simple without a huge difference,because after all it was going to be in the 'Man Cave'/moose-lodge themed basement!! I trimmed the gorgeous scalloped detail in the front, painted the shelves,& distressed some areas on the bottom door ! I love the way it turned out! It's perfect for our little dining space, & holds my vintage plaid  dishes !! :) 

Still deciding if I will add a knob ,or not..I haven't found one I like just yet ;)
Note: I used a staple gun to put the other backboard up!

If you know me, you know I'm plaid obsessed! These vintage dishes my dear husband came across for free { garbage find} !

I love how the dark antique wax over the Old Ochre almost looks like wood grain :)! 

** I do realize this little beauty has a plate rail ,but honestly I didn't like the plates up-rite ,however I pry will move them for the millionth time again...Stay tuned in for the full updated basement reveal , & the dining space featuring this little cabinet !!!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend !!


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

{ Our Vintage Clothespin Painted Scale }

Hey, all! I shared with you guys a few weeks ago about a little vintage scale my dear mum picked up for me while thrifting up north, well it's finally done!!! I ended up just rubbing some cream chalk paint over some spots that I wanted to highlight!  The scale is completely rusted out, at that's the farmhouse charm right?! Although, I don't mind the rustic & vintage appeal I did despise those sloppy cream numbers that someone quickly marked on. I decided to lightly go over the front with cream chalk paint using a sponge brush to make it appear somewhat rustic ,yet clean looking. I also marked over the dial with some fresh black ink, & some new numbers. It's not perfect & that's the charm. It goes wonderfully in our farmhouse/cottage/glam 'inspired' kitchen if you will he-he! Enjoy guys!


Some simple yet effective materials.

I had to get 'creative' & mark the numbers somehow , so I spotted these for $3 { mini clothespins} at Michaels, so I decided to use them as space markers for the numbers while I painted!


I rubbed a few places with some dark antique wax lightly too..

The numbers were quite the task! I tried to distress a few here & there for aging !!


Monday, October 6, 2014

{ Our Affordable Farmhouse Inspired Kitchen Revamp }

Ever feel like you need a change to  fulfill your current style in your home? Ya, I did too, so we updated our kitchen with some semi budget friendly ideas! I wanted a more glam farmhouse feeling in the kitchen so we added new knobs,faucet, hinges & some little decor touches { Stay tuned on another post for these }! This revamp wasn't in dire need ,but was worth it! 
  Little background on the kitchen space-->When we moved in over two years ago we painted the cabinets crisp Behr white & left the silver handles that the previous owners had & the brushed nickel faucet. Fast forward to the present, it was time to get rid of the brushed nickel { I love brushed nickel } ,but was going for a different look. When the faucet broke last Thursday it was the perfect sign it was time to update :) !  We headed to Home Depot & Menards  looking for a new faucet, hinges { our old ones were painted white } &new knobs! We found a great pull-down faucet by Pfister ! It was everything I  was looking for, dark oil bronzed with a copper undertone & a curved pull-down! Although the faucet was $160 It was well worth it. We ended up skipping the knobs at Home Depot & buying ours { Same finish as the faucet} from Target in a 6 pack. We saved over 7 dollars per packet buying them in the packs instead of buying them in singles !  We then went on our 'search' for the same hinges but in a different finish...what a nightmare!! We stopped & thought after the third place, we would just use mineral spirits & soak them & then spray paint! Come to find out we didn't even need to spray paint,just strip & rinse!  They came out a dark bronze color that pulled from our granite counters specs &  new knobs & faucet! This whole revamp cost about $300 & was so worth it for resale in the near future ;) & the fresh new look! 



I hope this inspires you to revamp your kitchen with some semi affordable DIY updates !


TDC Before and After

{ Our goth Halloween Mantel }

Happy Monday...or not! It was a brisk 58 degrees today here in the north! I'm fine with the cool temps,but it's been gloomy & wet & I've been sick..bummer! I mentioned  yesterday via our Facebook page I was sick & apologized for slacking on blogging... Today my sickly self made it out of the house & grabbed some Halloween goods on the cheap { Mostly thrift & Dollar Tree finds } & decorated our little mantel for Halloween! I know, me decorating for Halloween...weird! I must say though ,I'm actually digging the goth Halloween decor,especially the dark tip purple flowers!!! Happy spooky decorating everyone :) !

Most of the goods on the mantel are from Dollar Tree with the exception of a few items;Wood vase, white pumpkins,vintage books, & the baskets! 

I love the little fluffy black crows! 

I thought the purple goth flowers were perfect for a pop of color!


TDC Before and After

Thursday, September 25, 2014

{ Rolling Pumpkins...}

Happy early Friday! Sharing a quick little DIY my lovely husband came up with to solve our 'rolling' & disappearing fake pumpkins!! I have to give the hubby all the credit for this DIY. Of course when he brought the idea up { after I was complaining } I was quick to say " No,that won't work"! Well, again I would be wrong ,& this is why we balance each other out so well ;)!  Here is a brief if you will on why we are filling our pumpkins with rocks!! Last year after staging for Fall ,& a couple of storms later all of your fake pumpkins were gone, down the street, or had battle wounds LOL! Well, this year after buying some new little buggers { they aren't cheap } my husband came up with the idea to cut a piece out of the bottom where the seam usually is & fill with a few rocks! He used some trimmers & poked a hole in the bottom & just essentially twisted around until a small ,but big enough piece came out to fill with decent sized rocks. We used some lava rocks that we have by our back door. You can use any type of rock you want, you don't need boulders,but I wouldn't suggest using pebbles either! Medium size works best! This way the rocks just give the pumpkins some weight without having to fill them completely . We didn't bother to put the piece we cut out back in, and no the rocks have not fallen out! The piece that is cut out doesn't need to be pretty either, just big enough to squeeze a few medium rocks in! Hope this helps keep your punkins'  in place wherever you may be using or displaying them !

Click to Enlarge^

Have a fun & festive weekend guys!

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Monday, September 22, 2014

{ Make your kitchen scream Fall with some simple tips & ideas on the cheap ;) !! }

What a gorgeous Monday it was!! We got to spend some time with our niece  after school ,& enjoy the cool crisp Fall air! There is nothing better then Fall time, puppies running around , family time, & oh, ya Monday night Chinese & Hocus Pocus he-he! That's what our Monday night looked like, cozy blankets, movies & the smell of apples & fire in the air!  Earlier while at the store { Dollar Tree } with my niece & sister I was standing in line & spotted some cute sparkling apple cider in cute little champagne bottles, I knew I could use them for my kitchen ,so I snagged three !! I know many of you look for cute ways to decorate your kitchen for the holidays,but honestly it can be so simple & you can do it with out of the ordinary items! Style isn't about trends or decor that you can buy at the store , but more so things you put together & style yourself uniquely ! Here is a little Kitchen vignette I put together for our dining room! 

The mini cider bottles are from Dollar Tree along with the faux silver tray. The teapot is a vintage garbage find ,and the pine-cones were a gift !

I couldn't decide where I liked it better...typical!!

I had to throw this gem into the mix as well! I'm a big scentsy person &  I'm quite picky when it comes to sprays..so I gave this one a whirl for a buck ,why not?! Holy,grail of all Fall scents ! This spray is absolutely divine! It's called { Apple Cinnamon Medley } & let me tell you it smells like apple pie throughout your house! It's definitely worth a try. I know you'll love it, especially for Fall! 


Enchanting Inspiration Link Party at Everyday Enchanting

***I was not paid, endorsed, or sponsored by Air Wick! All opinions are my own.


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