Friday, February 27, 2015

{ I can't wait to try this..}

It's the weekend guys wooo hoo! I shared something on my Instagram account a few days ago about +Krylon Brand Spray Paint   in chalky paint finishes & wax in a spray can & whoa was it a hit!! I have not had the pleasure of trying this stuff yet , but this is such a game changer especially if you're always wanting to change out furniture colors etc.. I mean don't get me wrong I love other chalk paint brands too { Annie Sloan, Americana Decor, etc.. } but what changes things up is the fact that it's in a spray can !!! The after paint wax application could potentially be so much faster & actually more efficient & able to get in the cracks & crevices while coating every inch of the piece that's being painted/ waxed!

Note: Excuse the photos. When I'm out & about and come across something nifty to share with you guys there's no time to perfect a picture #snap&go! 

I quickly took this  phone picture while browsing +Michaels Stores  a few days ago. Each can retails for $9.99 which is pretty decent considering many of the chalk paints can retail anywhere from $10-40! I just love the ease of a spray can ,but I can't wait to see how the actual product looks & works compared to brushed chalk paint!!

While I'm at it I thought why not share this picture I snapped while at Michaels the other day too! Michaels has so many new items out for spring I couldn't help ,but stop & stare & snap a pic. I love all the industrial cottage/ farmhouse goodies they offer now- I'll take one of everything he-he!

Stay tuned for an actual tutorial / review on this product coming soon!!


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{ Essential & Practical Entryway! }

You know those days where you're running out the door in the morning with your head cut off?! Ya, me too!! We've all had them where are head is pounding, you're groggy & have misplaced everything but your body!! Today I'm sharing a practical entryway that can help cut the stress in the morning & get you out of the door promptly !

Every entryway { front door } should have a shoe bin or rustic crate . It's simple, affordable & keeps the clutter to a minimum !  Something not as big for a mudroom ,but enough to store at least one pair of each family members shoes for that season!

Keep storage bins on a shelf for each family member for little items that they might need on the way  in or out . Again this is a practical entrance so keep the bins on the smaller side. These cloth bins were thrifty finds that I dyed & the storage hanger was a garbage find  I chalk painted!

Side Note: I'm still on the hunt for some tiny brown or tan wicker baskets instead of the cloth..

 Keep coats & a memory sign { Chalkboard $3 +Target  } etc.. visible for items you need to remember. Hang up coats, scarves and jackets after each use!

Decorate with simple family friendly decor...flowers, monograms or other goods that signify the family or home unit!

Anything to make mornings or even evenings easier is a must!! Thanks for stopping by & happy almost weekend guys!


{ Hauls...why they're good }

       Today I'm sharing all about why shopping hauls are beneficial especially if you're constantly changing out decor or love staying with the current trends! Me, I don't care for most trends, I'd rather stick to classic traditional items that can be used in different spaces for different occasions etc.. Since blogging became my job I've really noticed which stores you can really do 'Hauls' & actually save the bank account from going completely empty!  I'm sharing a few of my favorite stores & why doing hauls at them can help you stock up on decor goods for less & save time! 

  If you're like me I usually go out shopping when something pops in my head that I can't improvise or make myself ..right?! Well, I don't really do that anymore, I actually go shopping pry twice a month & do  mini hauls on items that can be used for various occasions & holidays over & over, but in a different way. When you're shopping for specific item you're hunting so hard that most of the time when you find that item you're willing to spend just about anything & the item is strictly for one idea,project, holiday etc..When you do mini hauls like Michael's dollar days, IKEA'S thrifty bins , or Target's dollar spots you grab various goods that you don't necessarily need at the exact time,but could use down the road . Pick the items up that you see right then & there because they're usually on the cheap & can be used just about anywhere! If you shop at stores like Michaels, IKEA, or Target they usually have trendy & mixed in traditional/ regular home items in the dollar sections. I'm going to share two pictures below of an IKEA & Target haul from the dollar basket sections!! My favorite is probably Target & Michaels just because they do switch out the items quite frequently ,yet always seem to have some basic dollar goods consistently stocked in the bins which is nice !

 This haul I  did 2 days ago +Target Marketing Solutions - Internet Marketing ! I love these items because every item including the wire basket can be used for different things throughout the year. Spring, summer,Easter etc..The basket, chevron candle,'M' & chalkboard all cost under $14!!!

This haul I did when I revamped my sisters bedroom a few months ago! We picked up some basic items- candles, pillow cases, plush throw, planters & floral inserts..all which can be used for different seasons & settings because they're mostly neutral goods. These items were priced mid range from +IKEA USA !!

Thanks for stopping by ! Have fun with decorating while making your  sanctuary budget friendly ! Happy hauling guys!!


Persia Lou

Thursday, February 19, 2015

{ Fresh & Clean Spring Bathroom }

It's Friday so that means this is the last room on my little 3 room mini spring tour! I know what you're thinking.. many of the northern states still have snow & I'm blogging about spring decor?!?...Well, actually spring is only a month away technically & with all these freezing temps & snow I needed some spring decor in our home. Today I'm sharing my bathroom & some cute little accents to brighten it up!

Simple ,fresh & bright!

I'm not a big fan of this granite color { Old owners installed it }, but for now it will do until we move ;)!

I'm a little obsessed with those glass plates from Marshall's $8/4! I mentioned earlier this week I picked them up on a whim { they were the only ones } & fell in love with them !!

How cute are these little  french country cottage plates?!

Side Note : I used large & small 3M sticks to hang them!

 ** Sorry about the light guys..this bathroom is so hard to photograph even with a window. If I waited for natural light from our MI weather  I'd be waiting forever hahaha!

Although this is my bathroom, my dear husband loves to take long hot baths after being out in the cold weather { Shhh don't tell him }. He loves to soak & use all my 'girly' products so I filled { restocked } the shelf with mineral scrub, flower soap , cotton balls & q-tips !! The mineral scrub with the little scooper was purchased at Michaels $3 !!

This bathroom is super quaint { SMALL } but it does have nice travertine tile , granite & fixtures  that the previous owner installed in both our bathrooms. 

Side Note : I despise that cabinet even after I chalk painted it ! My lovely husband states we don't need to change it because we're moving soon.. :)))

Of course I had to add some vintage goods ;). This little silver scoop was a free garbage find & the brushes  were also thrift finds from an old shoe kit !!

Hope you all have had a great week & have a happy , healthy & productive weekend!!


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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

{ Bringing color & spring into our master bedroom! }

I shared a few days ago  that I was going to be blogging 3 rooms with added touches of spring to each of them & today it's our master bedroom!! We all know I'm not one for bright colored accents etc..but what the heck time for a switch up!! It's funny while I'm photographing the bedroom , I look out the window & it's snowing...Happy spring decorating hahah!  Although I'm ready for spring I've never been one to really mind the snow, if that makes sense ;) ! Sit back & join me on our little 'faux' spring inspired bedroom! 

I've always liked coral & turquoise together, & was going to do coral, tan & turquoise for our spring bedroom ..more of a neutral theme,but thought why not add some color!! The coral throw is from IKEA $4 !!

Natural light feels so refreshing...as the snow piles in ha-ha!

The cute little bell was a gift from my grams & Yes, my husband really does use it ;) !

Our all white linen & bedding is from Target & Better Homes & Gardens & the Mr. & Mrs. pillow is from +HomeGoods  two years ago!  The hydrangeas are from Michaels !

  I picked these cheery pillows up at +HomeGoods  last week $20/2 !! They're a little out of my element when it comes to design & decorating ,but they caught my eye & for the price why not?! I've got some other little accents & thinking a new rug may be in store, but for this mini spring post everything worked OK!


It was time to bring out our handmade blanket my mum made for us complete with our last name..It's one of my favorite pieces !! Be sure to stick around for one more spring  room tour this week!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

{ DIY 'Welcome' Sign }

Today I'm sharing a cute & simple DIY  { Welcome } sign! I've been searching for something to hang in our little entryway with our little rustic watering can, but haven't been able to find anything , so I made something for under $10 !! 

I picked up some simple rustic polka dot wrapping paper at +Marshalls  for under $3 & grabbed a wooden 'welcome' sign from +Michaels Stores  for $1! I had the frame  { +Target  $4 } from a previous project!!

Placed the glass over the back of the paper & cut to measurements! 
The wooden decal wasn't a 'stick on' so I just used some industrial glue I had. I used a generous amount & then let the glue become tacky before pushing the decal on the glass! 

Note: Be sure to wipe any excess glue from in between the lettering with a cloth . I had a bit of run-off but it adds charm right haha!? 

The watering can is from Kohl's $3!! 
The frame I distressed a bit with some dark wax around the edges! 
I love the way it turned out!! The simple white flowers & touch of metal from the can bring such a spring feel! 


Sunday, February 15, 2015

{ Springtime has bloomed in our living room..}

Hey everyone!! I'm back from taking a few days... or a week off ;)! I've been dreading this late winter snow we've been getting & needed some pick me up so I decorated our living room in some bright & cheery neutrals , added a new rug & some rustic cottage inspired throw pillows! 

The pots & moss are from Dollar Tree & the mini succulent pots are from +Michaels Stores  dollar days!

The wall pots { They're  actually hanging pots } are from +IKEA USA  $12/2 !

Most of the other goods on the mantel are thrift finds ,or items I left from our Valentines decor..the mirrors are from IKEA  { I chalk painted them } & the DIY wood bouquet planter you can see here DIY Wood Planter
The bucket was a garbage find & the hydrangeas from Michaels! The rug is from IKEA - $60 & I LOVE it!!

The tan ruffled  pillows are from +TuesdayMorning  $30/2 !

I hope you all are either enjoying winter or have spring in full bloom in your home, because it's only 30 some days way .. but whose counting ha-ha! This whole week I'll be sharing different rooms in our house with a pinch of spring added to them!!




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