Saturday, July 26, 2014

{ Using WHITE chair covers in the dining room- with or without children..}

I'm sharing a quick post about why using WHITE linen ,or cloth dining room chairs is a great idea for any dining room , even with young children! I know what most of you are thinking { I'm Crazy }, I promise though this will be the best investment you make until your children are older! I know some of the other amazing bloggers have blogged about white cloth couches or slipcovers, but honestly having chair slipcovers & especially white ones are so much cheaper then buying leather or wood chairs for  unexpected kitchen messes! Leather & wood are great options for the dining room although leather then be quite expensive & wood can be uncomfortable & a hard surface for kids! We don't have children, but when our niece visits there have been little slips with Kool-Aid & chocolate milk---> whoops!! It's easy with our parson chair covers to slip off & bleach ! We purchased ours at IKEA for under $10 a piece! They're made of linen material & super easy to care for. The label does say dry clean, but I've placed ours in the washer on cold & let air dry & they were fine!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

{ A few staple items that can make any home warm & cozy }

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Not much going on around here. We did pick out /purchase our paint color & will start our little shed/barn project soon { Too HOT today }! I wanted to share with everyone some simple little ideas on how to make your home warm and inviting! I've been told on several occasions that our home is  cozy & warm. With some staple  accessories any home can be cozy! I know this isn't every one's preferred style,but these are just generic ideas to incorporate in any space ! 

1. Wreaths 

 Wreaths are that natural element that can me very versatile . You can use them for decor, staging, or outdoors. Its a great staple item that can be used for different occasions or holidays over & over again.

2. Candles
Candles can make any home feel cozy!! Who doesn't love a fresh scented candle burning it's fragrant aroma all over the house! This is one of the oldest tricks in the book - burn a yummy candle when showing a home to make buyers feel welcomed & entices them with the kitchen aromas like vanilla,apple pie, etc.

3. Wood accents
Wood accents are lovely to bring into a space. They allow the warmth of the wood to neutralize any room with still allowing that warm rustic charm to peak out amongst other decor!

4. Flowers
Flowers are that staple item that { I } believe every home should have. Hydrangeas just so happen to be my favorite flower , because they can be so large & rustic but also very chic & glamorous depending on the bloom color! Flowers freshen & appease any space ! 

These are just a few of the items I use to warm up our home.  Have fun with your space & remember these few staple goods along the way !

Have a great week everyone!


** All these items can be purchased at Target. 
*** I was not Compensated , Endorsed, or Sponsored by Target for this post!
Photos are  property of Target.

Friday, July 18, 2014

{ Decorating on a Budget for New Homeowner's ! }

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Whoa.. what a week its been!! Thankfully the weekend is here! Just thought I would take a few minutes to share some quick & simple decorating ideas with everyone! I noticed recently many of you buying/renting/searching for new homes & lets face it not everyone can afford Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel  goods to fill their entire first home with -myself included!! Although both of those home decorating stores offer extremely cute items they can be made or 'copied' for a much cheaper budget! 

--Click Picture for Larger View--

Flowers can be an awesome way of brightening up any space with giving it a natural fresh look! I pick up most of my faux flowers at Dollar Tree or Michaels! Michaels flowers & arrangements tend to be a bit more pricier then Dollar Tree or Dollar General..Honestly the ones that are less expensive last & look just as nice. I change our decor & greenery out so much I tend to use 'cheaper' ones. As I'm talking about the flowers ,I should mention the cute rustic galvanized buckets the flowers are potted in  { Above} are also from Dollar Tree! On to the Free Print Art! My free prints are usually found on the lovely Pinterest or provided by other bloggers. I get most of my frames from the Dollar Store or an equivalent. They make great frames for switching out new prints /chalkboard print with the season,occasion, or holiday! Make sure you have ink in your computer & a decent frame & you can make cute chalkboard art for next to nothing for months!  I also use inexpensive frames for DIY framed art like the above top right piece of art! My mom actually made this  chic art with two leaves from her Japanese Maple tree !! I believe the project cost under $5!! Last,but not least are faux table arrangement's using staged fruit & flowers to create a simple & neutral vignette/table piece . I love using fresh fruit for neutral & natural elements,but if I'm out or it doesn't work for a particular space etc.. I generally use cheap Dollar Tree pieces.Well that's it, I hope all you new homeowners have a fabulous time decorating whether it's on a budget or not. Don't let the decorating be intimidating, think of it as making your little piece of this crazy earth  yours!! I'll be cheering you all on through this wonderful,but crazy thing called 'Homeowner-ship'!
Good Luck:)


Thursday, July 17, 2014


Just sharing some pretty new blooms in our yard. These gorgeous pink flowers were random blooms ,& to be frank I'm not sure what they are. They appeared one day outside our kitchen window..lovely right?!


Had to snap a picture of these luscious Hydrangea blooms! Captured these beauties @ the Art Fair today-so envious of these huge Hydrangeas after mine all perished!! Seemed like everywhere I turned today there were HUGE bushes of Hydrangeas that were PERFECT!! Of course I was tempted to chop some off for a 'home bouquet':) !!
 Happy Summer gardening!!


Spring is in the air!! First little bouquet of fresh flowers!! So Bright & Fragrant ! Something about Purple & Green is so chic & inviting! 



This is our huge Hibiscus plant right outside our front door. Its massive! Last year the blooms were pink & well as you can see this year they are red! It's a beautiful plant & this was the first bloom a few weeks back.{ I will post more pictures of the flower garden soon. }


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

{ Thrifty Treasures Update }

Hope you all are having  a fabulous week so far! The weather here in the north has been dreamy to say the least! It's been a perfect 70-74 degrees -lovely right?! I decided to switch a few decor pieces up in the house this past weekend. I had posted about some new  thrift find 'treasures' & wanted to share where they ended up. 

This cute little three pot basket is a new little thrift find. I thought it was cute in the family room & just added some vanilla candles to the tray! 
I switched up the mantle decor in the kitchen. I added some milk jugs & vintage milk container. The far left glass milk jug is vintage with a unique brown colored glass. The other glass jug is a $1 find at Michaels that reads 'milk' with a little cow ! The brown ceramic 'milk' container is vintage as well!

I sprayed the doves cream. They were a light blue , but thought they looked cute in a creamy ivory for the guest room!

If you remember this cute little birdcage was blue & in our family room at one point. I sprayed it cream & added these cute blue peonies !

Guest room decor !

Well, there you have it, some quaint & simple home updates with some cute vintage pieces & simple DIY to update any space ! 
Stay tuned for the Barn/shed progress ;) !


{ Vintage Swag Chandelier Update }

What a fabulous weekend it was here in the north! It was filled with adventures with our niece both inside & outside. We took her to the Henry Ford Museum & decided after to pack up the beach bag & take a dip in the pond! The weather was gorgeous & the water was definitely clear & sparkling!! The weekend was also filled with little home updates & a surprise  new { old } mini barn/shed! I mentioned in a few post back I had acquired some new vintage treasures,one being a vintage crystal chandelier. This weekend after our adventures my dad popped over & hardwired the chandelier for me!! This is somewhat a DIY ,but lets be honest I DID NOT hard-wire this vintage beauty myself! After my dear dad took his Sunday to wire this beaut ,my loving husband finished roping the wire & moving the swag light a zillion times for his 'pesky' wife he-he! The finished  outcome was more then I could have ever wanted & only cost us a few slices of pizza for payment ! We had a chandelier in our condo I was obsessed with.This house unfortunately had recessed lighting in the dining room. My mom made our cute ' just for looks' white chandelier from scratch . I loved that chandelier &  being able to switch out the candle sticks & of course  sad to see it go!! The new vintage chandelier sparkles & is so bright it makes up for it though{kinda} Stay tuned to see where our old chandelier ends up ;)!! 

{ Before }

My poor man working hard after a LONG weekend of fun & adventures! 

{ After }

I spray painted the black medallion I had, & then screwed the vintage little medallion into the middle of the larger one. I used a brown hammered color { spray paint} & it was a pretty close match to the metal !
The crystals are gorgeous anytime of day when the light catches them!

Day picture
Late afternoon pic

Another late afternoon pic



This chandelier is over 50 years old & was formally in a Bed & Breakfast! My parents picked it up for under $10! With a little lighting kit from Home Depot for $18 & some handy men,it's my new favorite vintage piece!!

Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

{ Some of Our Summer Adventures }

Sharing some more adventures from this past weekend! We toured the Henry Ford museum with our wonderful niece! The experience was charming & cute for miss Kayla!  We also took a trip & dip in the Spring Mill pond again, after all it was a perfect beach day with a perfect summers breeze!
Enjoy some more of our captured & crazy summer adventures !

My loves!

Kayla & 'her' Markie !

Ready for take off ;)

Driving miss Daisy haha { Ellis Island exhibit}

I told my husband I loved this cute kitchen so charming right?!

Hot Dog anyone?


I just wanted to share some pictures I've captured so far this summer on our little adventures. 

These are from a spring fed pond many of the locals like to use. The waters super clear & it's a quaint & clean setting! It's not the ocean ,but will do for us northerners :).
The cozy long winding woods road to get to the pond !!

 Not to shabby for a swimming hole { Spring fed pond}

Nature in all of it's glory !



My lovely hubby & I recently got to tour  a  historical home in downtown Wyandotte on the water! It's the historical Ford-MacNichol  home ! This home was breathtaking in itself! The craftsmanship was gorgeous. I wish they made homes like this these days! The parlor,dining rooms, attic & more were just magnificent! The molding & wood work could have had me there all day snapping pictures..Enjoy these lovely shots I was so gracious to be able to snap along the way!

**Be sure to stop in if you're in the Wyandotte area! It's an awesome & personal tour!

We could get used to this porch with a summery drink in hand ...;)

The vibrant parlor!

I loved the marble surround on this fireplace!! The charm went on for years in this home!

Cute stairs stepping down into the cutest bathroom!

The home had a total of 8 fireplaces, if I'm recalling correctly..
This is the dining room. Under the head of the tables space was a button that he/she would hit to alert the help they needed something. The button was disguised under the lavish rugs!

The butlers pantry!

This was located in between the butlers pantry & kitchen. It's the signal that I talked about in the dining room picture! Pretty nifty & genius for the mid to late 1800's!

Master bedroom & bath. The bath is a his & hers with a vanity just for primping { Pretty cool huh ladies ?}

I've always had a love for  attics, & this one was amazing! It was like every kids dream!! It was stunning- from the cylinder architecture to the wood floors & nooks!

One of the nooks in the attics looking over the road & to the water!

Downtown Wyandotte!

Hope you all enjoyed this mini historical tour! Be sure to stop back in for more of our summer adventures .



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