The Quaint Sanctuary

The Quaint Sanctuary

Monday, November 23, 2015

{ Rustic & Retro Inspired Christmas Dining Room }

Heyyy guys!! I hope you all had a great weekend!! Ours was busy & not so fun, but hey you win some & lose some ha! Today was obviously a case of the gross Mondays too..geesh um can we get a break?! Our puppy was sick all day today..every 1.5-2 he was getting sick..poor guy! Something else happened to someone close to us as well & we're just HAPPY he's okay!!! Anyways back to today's post, it's all about this rustic & retro inspired dining room I put together!! I know everyone is into the ski & plaid look this year { I did that last year }, but you know me I'm always doing something that the crowd isn't lol!!! I don't know what has came over me,but I've been really loving this vintage /retro style dining room stuff. I got the inspiration from someone who was near & dear to my papa!! I was thinking about him the other day & remembered he owned a restaurant at one point in his life way before I was even thought of. It was a soda shop restaurant  in the 1960's & I heard they served up some yummy treats & dishes!! I got the idea for this cozy idea & kinda ran with it!! I miss him a lot { I'm told I was his favorite } hehe & what better way to remember him then to use some inspiration to create this little Christmas dining room!! 

Note: This is a super picture heavy post!!

See those cookbooks right there? Ya, those two books have some of the most basic stick to your bones recipes!! They're  heavy home cooking comfort food recipes for sure! The bottom Betty Crocker is a vintage cookbook & the top Campbell's  was a free find!

I mentioned above that this kitchen was inspired by my late papa {2004}. Sadly I don't have any of his goods from his restaurant ,but I do have some old kitchen items that are from my great grandpa { Poppy } who passed in 2011. That white apron is his as well as the rolling pin :) ! They fit so nicely into this space I had to display them!! 

I had 15% off at +Target  so I picked up these mini rustic copper Christmas trees!

I'm loving the pops of copper this year!! The copper tin candles are from Michaels on sale for $4 a tin! The vintage inspired Santa milk jug is from a local shop! 

I love the cozy Christmas diner look!!!  

I mean what diner is complete without some vintage Coca-Cola bottles in a wire basket?!

Okay, so here's another one of those sentimental pieces..It's my great grandpa's { Poppy's} rolling pin !! I love it & it works in the space effortlessly!! Little side note my great gramps loved cooking fried foods, eating sweets & he was 99 when he passed with nearly no health issues!! I mean how could I not display this piece?

These last few pictures from here on down are views with the chandelier on !! I usually don't like photographing  with the lights on, but I was kinda digging the warmness it made this faux  retro diner!!! 

P.S. the green teacups are vintage free finds!! They actually go with plaid plates I have downstairs in that  dining room area ;) !!

I hope you guys enjoyed this setup!! It's different & practical , and you know on TQS that's a must!! I'm off to work on tomorrows post all about the cutest Christmas gift!! Stay tuned guys! 


Saturday, November 21, 2015

{ Simple Christmas Cottage Bathroom }

Ohhhh hey weekend!! I hope the week was good to you guys! I'm going to start this "bathroom" post off by saying it's going to be a weird/ long post & by that I mean I'll be sharing some life stuff in this post while hoping to still inspire..You guys know I like to keep it 100% authentic here on TQS & with that being said today was not our day...! Okay, here comes the rant about RUDE Secretary of State employees..After waiting in line to ensure a new work truck  the rude attendant makes some incorrect observation & starts making a scene & sends us on our way. This is all after waiting in the ridiculous line forever, so we got back in the jeep and I  reported her!!! I'm so sick of what I call "power-tripping" people working at these places. You're working for the tax payers so please do your job & correctly!!! AHHHH next thing is I'm fighting a bladder stone. Oh, the joys of kidney & bladder stones..welcome back- NOT!! Sorry guys I know I'm ranting, but it's been one of those days & Yes, I get that many are going through much worse, but sometimes the small stuff is just as aggravating & it builds.  I'm thankful for all my readers & being able to blog, because it allows me to vent { other then to my savior husband hehe :) }. I mentioned this before, but most of the time I'm not a very verbal person. I have my moments, but I would rather write how I feel then verbally say or talk about it unless I'm really pushed. Ya, I yell, but I never really say what I'm truly feeling. I'm a guarded person & holding onto things internally isn't good for anyone. Writing is my outlet & I'm thankful you guys allow me to do that while hopefully inspiring you to decorate/build/enjoy your sanctuary practically! 

Now lets get onto the actual post haha! Today while trying to not think about some of the physical pain I was feeling I decided to dress up my bathroom  for Christmas!! Let me just say this is my VERY first year that I ever decorated any of our bathrooms for Christmas. I mean the bathroom isn't someplace anyone wants to hang out in, but it's definitely someplace I want to keep clean & cheery under the circumstances hahahaha ;)! Keep reading to see how I decorated the bathroom with odds & ends around the house! 

Most of the items in this post are things I grabbed from storage or used in previous years to decorate with! I just wanted some hints of festive holiday colors in the bathroom so I used simple objects that were easy to move or that are actually used like soaps, towels, lotions, candles etc..

The fringe tea towels are new & I got them at Tuesday Morning store for cheap!

I like to decorate the bathroom with stuff I'll actually be using, so I added some really fragrant Meyers hand soap in the fresh tree scent! I also added some green bath salts to the cabinet shelf & then stuck some festive red flowers in the hanging basket storage for some color! The ribbon is from Michaels & was leftover from a project!

The bows are from DollarTree.

If you notice many of the things I decorate with I shuffle around from one spot to another..This is called shopping your own home on a practical budget! I can pick out at least 3 things in this "holiday bathroom" that I've used in numerous other areas of our home. Styling your own reused goods is not only budget friendly, but then you  tend to stay away from trends & focus more on your personal style/likes!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. 


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

{ Thrifty Tree Skirt Centerpiece Idea }

Happy Wednesday guys!! So a couple of days ago I posted our bakery inspired dining cabinet to follow along with my warm Christmas bakery/ farmhouse now that's a description haha. Anyways I wanted a simple & warm centerpiece that was rustic, different & on the cheap since we all know I'll pry be changing it out 3 times before Christmas is over!! I'm a fan of warm, effortless, and amp; rustic  looking decor in any manner so this was perfect. I had this old traditional plushy red tree skirt laying around, so I got the ideal to use it on the table with some wintery greenery & a rustic crock!! I'm just going to say this was THE easiesttt centerpiece idea & I LOVE IT! I mean you can find tree skirts for cheap just about anywhere..Dollar Tree, thrift stores etc..I love the warm, rustic/cottageyy look! 

I love how bright & literally how simple it is! It's bold & there anything better? I also love it because it's easy to wash, remove or switch out!! 

The two-toned crock was also a free find!! If you see a few post back you'll see some of my collection of these vintage pots on top of the white cabinet in this post --> Bakery Inspired Corner Cabinet! . The greenery is leftover from all the years decorating & I just pulled random pieces & make a bouquet of festive pieces!! The silver platter was a thrifty gift from my mom or gram...Sorry I can't recall :/. This one is real sterling silver, but you can find these faux silver platters that are actually really cute & Dollar Tree.  The red placemats  are from Dollar Tree & the jute placemats are from Walmart!

  This whole tablescape cost under $25!!! I hope you guys liked this little idea!! It's perfect for your ever-changing table, families & well anyone!! 

See ya soon!


Monday, November 16, 2015

{ Vintage Toolbox Coffee Table Decor !}

Hi & byeeee Monday already..It's been such a productive day around our little abode. I got laundry finished, hair highlighted, worked on an upcoming sponsored post , photographed two areas & etc..I mean actually I could say this whole past weekend was an accomplishing  time!! We got  some much needed winter stuff done..garage, yard, vehicles washed, etc..I know all my northern folks know about winterizing before December hits ;) ! Anyways enough with chores & boring stuff, today I'm sharing this thrifty & vintage wood toolbox ,and  how I styled it for the most simple little coffee table tablescape!! You guys pry already know this by now, but we have dogs...2 huge ones & they're really rambunctious just like kids are!! They're constantly playing, tumbling & jumping all coffee table decor is hard. When I came up with this little decor idea for Christmas it was perfect for sustaining wear & tear hahaha #dogs! My hubby found this nifty vintage toolbox a few months ago & I knew I wanted to keep it for Christmas right away! I love the imperfections in the wood, the authentic aged look & most important the chippy red paint on the handle!!!!

I knew I wanted something other then just tree trimmings in the toolbox. I know that's the most obvious & popular idea, but I needed some traditional Christmas color mixed in so I added some little faux gifts with some wool plaid ribbon I had leftover!! 

I'm loving how simple & rustic our upper level is this year!! The vintage items & pops of red  authentic Christmas goods have it feeling extra warm & cozy!! I picked these faux tree trimming { actually garland } up +Michaels Stores  for under $20 on sale..Ya, they're expensive so use the 40% coupon!! 


I love all the distressed & worn aspects about this piece!! I've saw these going all the way up to $50 at some junkin shops! I still can't believe what people pitch #free!! 

And then there's my most favorite part about this little gem..the aged chippy & scanty RED paint on the handle!! I love the color red already, but I love the warm & festive feel this chippy piece gives for the holidays!!
What do you think about incorporating vintage junk pieces into holiday decor? Do you keep it just for the outdoors?

I hope you all have a great rest of the week!!


Thursday, November 12, 2015

{ Our Traditional Christmas Entryway }

Wooo hooo it's Friday!! This week has been a weird one...hahah! This is one of those spaces that I like to keep fun & fresh , but still mostly practical! It's our little entryway & obviously one of the first things you see when you walk into your suburban cottage. Just like first impressions, I like to keep this area at its best. This year I wanted something traditional, bright & more of like a vintage Christmas with pops of true reds etc..! I mentioned a few post back that I did a hugeeee change-up this year with Christmas decor & well here is a sneak peek..Let's just say it's not neutral like before hehehe ;) ! I added some vintage little goodies I had laying around the house & some of the things we use everyday, coats, scarves, totes etc.. I wanted it to look as non staged as possible ,but still welcoming & festive for the holidays! Here's what I came up with so far...

This is pry my favorite holiday entry of ours since living in this house! It's so bright, vintage & traditional!  It just reminds me of the jolly ole guys house hahaha ;)! The simple true red bow, the soft red & green check scarf & the brass key..Simple & bright!

The key, cubby cabinet, wood Santa lid & vintage lantern were all free finds! The pine cones, red bow, reindeer & wrapping paper are all from Michaels or Dollar Tree. 

This came off of a  gift box that had wine & an opener in it. I loved the Santa engraved in it so I kept the top..

Have a lovely weekend guys & as always THANK YOU for stopping my TQS!! Do you decorate your entryway for Christmas , just curious..? 


{ Vintage Inspired Bakery Cabinet! ]

Happy Thursday guys!!! It's gloomy & rainy here in the north..blahhh { I'd rather have snow} & to be honest I'm not in the greatest mood..eek! You know those times you wish you could say what you really want to or are thinking about a situation or about people...Ya, I'm in one of those funks haaha! Anyways to cheer myself up I decorated our dining room cabinet for Christmas & I'm in loveee! I went with a traditional vintage bakery inspired look this year..I wanted something warm, festive & inviting , so I skipped on all the newer looking or store bought goods this year & came up with this little bakery inspired theme. I'll be posting the whole 2015 Holiday Home Tour soon, but for now I'm sharing this adorable & thrifty { All used or Dollar Tree goods} corner cabinet styled like a cute bakery!!! 

I got this idea in my head I wanted to carry on with the farmhouse style in the kitchen,but still wanted some traditional pops of red, so here came the thought to make it like an old fashioned bakery!! I remembered seeing these cute little candle cupcakes at Dollar Tree so I grabbed a few, a cupcake pan, & some pie pans. I bought the white mason jars from +Marshalls    a while ago on sale & they fit perfect in the spot!! The candlesticks &vintage kettle were both free finds!!

I'm really into these simple earthy/Christmasyy wreaths this year!! I have two of these & they were gifts from +IKEA USA  from last  year!!

This cabinet is one of my favorite pieces in our little dining room! I love how old it is, & the little chipped paint in random spots on it!!

How cute are these little cupcakes guys?? They smell pretty yummy too. I'm always preaching this on TQS, but think outside of the box when decorating..I mean I used candles & baking goods for this little setup..& all for under $10!!

I spotted these Coca-Cola glasses last night at Dollar Tree with my grams & I couldn't resist!!  I knew they'd give that Christmas, yet vintage diner/bakery feel..see again something different, yet fits well with the theme! I mean for a $1 each..& P.S. if you know us, you know we're Coca-Cola bad!

I loveee those crocks & when I say love I mean it haha! They're like my pride possessions & they were all FREE!! I stuck them up there after bringing them in to clean them up from outside  & actually really liked them up there so I decided to leave them alone. I stuck some thrift store Christmas trees in them for some rustic holiday cheer! 


I hope you guys liked this little setup I came up with!! You guys know I like to keep it simple, thrifty,fresh & this screams all of that I think.. .! It's actually  putting me in the mood to bake up a little something..More on that later :)!! Happy night guys!! What do you think of this little bakery styled cabinet??


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